Why Alamance Achieves?

For a thriving Alamance County



Our children are our future. We have a responsibility to give every child an equal opportunity in life. Happy, thriving children support the happiness and success of our whole community.

Children’s environment impacts their success.

Right now, about one in three children in Alamance County live in poverty. Children whose environment limits their access to healthy foods, safe places to play and high quality schools are less likely to be ready for kindergarten, less likely to graduate from high school and less likely to get jobs that can support their families.

By giving all children access to the grid of resources our community offers — libraries, museums, schools, community centers, early learning programs, health care providers and more — we can help them become more resilient. We can give every child a real opportunity for success.

That’s why a group of community leaders came together in 2015 to develop a systemic approach to improving outcomes for children. They formed Alamance Achieves with the single goal of focusing on children so our community will thrive.

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Prosperity grid graphic

Key Outcomes

How we measure success

Child Health & Wellbeing

Immunization rates indicate whether young children are getting regular medical care.

Early Grade Success

3rd grade end-of-grade tests tell us if children are on track for academic success.

High School Graduation

This is a critical milestone for future educational and career success.

Post-secondary Completion

Education beyond high school prepares students for solid careers.

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten readiness assessments tell us if children are prepared for school.

Middle Grade Success

8th grade reading and math EOGs tell us if students are likely to excel in high school.

Post-secondary Entry

Almost all good-paying jobs now require some post-high school training or college.


Good jobs allow young people to eventually support their own families.

2018 Baseline Report





Alamance Achieves is a collaborative movement to improve education outcomes for all children in Alamance County. The Baseline Report describes the types of data we are collecting, such as test scores and graduation rates, to help organizations across the county coordinate their efforts. It also gives a baseline in our journey. The information we collect will be used to ensure we are making progress toward achieving our four Key Goals of kindergarten readiness, high school graduation, academic progress and career success.