Alamance Achieves is based on a framework pioneered in Ohio and northern Kentucky, which has since been adopted in dozens of communities across the country.Strive Together Network Member

The idea is simple: By working together, we can measurably improve children’s success, from cradle to career. How? By aligning the needs and unique strengths of Alamance County.


Alamance Achieves brings together parents, educators, community leaders and all citizens of our county to make sure all children plug into the resources they need to grow into healthy and successful adults. Decades of research have shown there are sensitive periods during a child’s development that shape all of our economic and health outcomes. Alamance Achieves is focusing on four key goals to put children on track for success:

  1. Every child is well, healthy and ready for school
  2. Every child succeeds in school
  3. Every student graduates, prepared for post-secondary learning
  4. Every learner is on track to achieve career goals

For each goal, teams will form to harness the resources of local organizations and agencies to support children. To ensure our investments pay off, Alamance Achieves will hold itself accountable by using local data to continually assess progress and steer our efforts.

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Schools, nonprofits, government agencies, churches and other organizations are already working to help plug children into the resources and opportunities they need to grow and learn. By working together, we can connect and align those efforts to create a stronger foundation for every child.