High school graduation is a key gateway in our society. Once past that milestone, young adults are more likely to go on to post-secondary career training or college. That post-secondary education and training sets students up for good careers.

To measure how successful Alamance Achieves is in this goal, we will measure two core indicators:

  • High school graduation rates. In American society, high school graduation is the key that unlocks social mobility and career success.
  • College enrollment rates. Nearly all good jobs require some post-secondary education or training, which can mean anything from a certificate earned at a community college to a four-year college degree.

High school science class

In addition, the Alamance Achieves team will also track other indicators that contribute, positively or negatively, to these positive outcomes. These include:

  • FAFSA completion
  • Teen pregnancy rate
  • Attendance
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities
  • ABSS senior survey/Pride survey data
  • Number of students taking the ACT
  • Average ACT scores
  • Scholarship dollars awarded to students
  • Number of AP/CTE courses completed
  • Number of students graduating with credentials, military qualifications or apprenticeships
  • Justice system involvement