Alamance Achieves is focusing on four key goals to put children on track for success. We will use proven key indicators to track our progress toward meeting these goals.

  1. Every child is well, healthy and ready for school.
  2. Every child succeeds in school.
  3. Every student graduates, prepared for post-secondary learning.
  4. Every learner is on track to achieve career goals.

Four outcomes without indicators

These goals are based on decades of scientific research that show certain critical periods of childhood have an outsized impact on an individual’s lifelong health, their academic achievements, career accomplishments and, ultimately, their economic prosperity.

By ensuring that children are able to plug-in to a network of resources and opportunities, we not only make it more likely they’ll succeed, we make it more likely that their children and future generations will also be successful. That’s how we can ensure that Alamance County thrives.